Should You Hire a Resume Writer to Help Score a C-Suite Position?

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Competition for C-suite positions remains fierce in thriving metropolitan areas of the United States and the tri-state locations. Also, the internet has put a pool of talent at the fingertips of a company’s talent acquisition and recruiters. Candidates also span the globe and are not confined to a simple geographic location due to remote positions. Standing out from the competition has never been more critical. In this article, we will explore why you should hire a resume writer. 

Why Hire a Resume Writer? 

  Years ago, hiring a resume writer seemed like a waste of money and time, but things have changed. Yes, you can still use a resume template to create a cookie-cutter resume. All you have to do is mindlessly type in your basic information, and the software will formulate the resume. However, the final resume is just the basics. There is no branding that makes you distinct. It’s almost robotic and will quickly be filed to the bottom of any recruiters list simply because it lacks interest. Companies want more than the basics. They want personality.    A resume writing service, such as the McGehrin Group, is committed to its profession. They go the extra mile to make sure that the resumes get the results you seek. The final resume is not just a list of present and past employers with your duties outlined in a laundry list fashion. They don’t use a boring template. Instead, they specialize in authentic resume branding to give you the personality that sets you apart from the competition. 

The Importance of Your Resume 

  Companies want to know your value and what you bring to the table. They want to understand how you have contributed to the companies you worked for in the past and what you plan on giving to their business. Remember, you are a unique individual, and your resume has to reflect that individuality.    Talent acquisition and recruiters do not want to shuffle through countless resumes that all look the same. In many cases, businesses rely on artificial intelligence to weed through the submissions using keyword searches.  Your resume has to stand out and grab attention. Also, it must be SEO optimized to give pause to any AI software search tools being used.    When you decide to hire a professional resume writing service, you are paying for their skills. You will provide the facts that they build your resume around. Typically, they will collaborate with you as you present your qualification for the job you seek, such as an executive position.     Below are a few points to consider.   

Professional Resume Writing Services Provides Much-Needed Skills

  Your resume will need to pass through a variety of filters before it is considered for the position. A resume writing service will use the keywords necessary to come out on top. Spelling accuracy will also be weighed.   

Building Around the Facts

  Professional resume services always use the facts of your career history to build a worthy resume that is a factual compilation of your history, skills, and education. They will accurately show precisely what you can bring to the position you are applying for. The resume will pass all filters and set you up for the interview; you need to present yourself in a favorable light and sell yourself as the worthy candidate for the position. 

Collaboration is the Key

Professionally drafted resumes are effective because they are a collaboration between you and the resume writing company. You are giving the writers the information they need to indeed display you in a positive light. The team effort pays off in accuracy and emotional appeal.   

LinkedIn Resume Writer Services

  You might wonder if it’s financially feasible to hire a professional resume writing service for your LinkedIn resume – the answer is a resounding ‘yes!’     LinkedIn is more than a social media service. It is a place where talent acquisition and recruiters look for winning candidates to fill their c-suite positions. Studies have shown that 72 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to hire. Furthermore, 9 out of 10 recruiters will look over your LinkedIn profile before considering you for the position.    A resume on LinkedIn must stand out from thousands of others. It should contain keywords in the headline, about section, and work experience. All the skills sections should be loaded with your particular strong points (up to 50).    Having a truly outstanding LinkedIn profile in your toolkit is indispensable. Use your LinkedIn profile to connect with people and grab opportunities when they present themselves. The site is a powerful social networking platform that you can use to your advantage. 

The Perfect LinkedIn Profile 

The perfect LinkedIn profile will attract other professionals and recruiters who want to connect with you.   
  • Your LinkedIn profile needs to catch a recruiter’s attention to boost your job search.
  • Paragraphs should always be short. Ideally, the first three sentences are the most important, so they have to showcase strength and encourage the reader to click ‘see more. The section has to have keywords sprinkled throughout to target the job you want and display your greatest strength. 
  • Bullets help make your resume more readable and compelling. Resume writers are experts at picking and choosing the pertinent info to include concisely.
  • You’ll want your resume to show personality and not just be dry facts. Give a twist to your summery. Goals and ambitions are great but try to think of something else that’s memorable to include. 
  Professional resume writers know and understand the audience so they can draft appealing content. Remember, it’s all about creating a deep link with the reader. The link and emotional response give your brand identity and character. The writers will present you in a positive light by displaying the unique characteristics of your personality and work experience. Plus, they will draft your resume not only in a professional tone but also in a confident one. You want your resume’s tone to be engaging without seeming to boast or come across as arrogant.  The team of professional writers at the McGehrin Group knows the importance of having an impressive resume to land the c-suite position you are dreaming about. Contact us today to learn more!