The Importance of Resume Branding and Creating to Score a Healthcare Position

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The recent COVID19 pandemic has driven home the fact that there remains a significant shortage in many healthcare fields. Applying for a position in the medical realm is not without its problems. The application process has different components. Hiring managers usually have very stringent requirements and want individuals with relevant experience. In addition, applicants should display passion and an ability to handle the mental and physical responsibilities of the job. 


The Importance of Resume Branding in Healthcare 


Resumes are dramatically different than they were a decade ago. Nowadays, they tell a story – your story. Through the written word, the text outlines not only your professional healthcare skills but who you are. It basically breathes life into you, so would-be employers feel a connection with you almost immediately. Resume branding is all about not only organizing your skills and strengths but marketing them with an identity. 


Clearly, resume branding has never been more critical when trying to score the healthcare job of your dreams. You want to stand out from the competition by showcasing your highly desirable skills, and so you land the interview. With a stellar resume, you’ll have the power and confidence you need to negotiate a job offer that meets your life goals.

Volunteer Experience 


When applying for a position in the healthcare field, try to focus on the experience that is directly related to the particular specialty and avoid unwanted fluff.  


If you do not have medical experience related to the exact position you are applying for, do not let that deter you if you feel that you still qualify. You could list volunteer organizations that may have given you the experience needed to pique a recruiter’s experience. 


Volunteering with  these organizations always look good on your resume: 


  • Local hospitals and clinics

Listing Experience and Resume Branding 


Your healthcare experience should be quantified for an easy read and present a crystal clear picture of your accomplishments. Instead of making a bullet list of responsibilities, take the time to briefly discuss people you trained, percentages, changes you made, your impact on the position, and how you impacted the outcome. Providing details and creating your career story is a part of resume branding. You don’t want your resume to appear drab or mundane.


In many respects, positions in the healthcare field are dramatically different than other standard jobs.  People who choose such a career path have to display compassion, empathy, and genuine caring. You’ll need to illuminate your best characteristics without seeming like you are bragging. Instead, you are bringing humanity and weaving it into your resume to show your character. 

Learning the Difference Between Soft and Hard Skills 

  All resumes should list your experience but also include any leadership roles or organizational involvement. The details usually prove beneficial, especially when listing hard and soft skills.  

What are soft skills?

  Soft skills are characteristics such as being dependable and adaptable. Think about how you can work your soft skills into your accomplishments.    

What are hard skills?  

  Hard skills are technical skills that you should always list separately from all of the information on your website so they can be easily read. Such skills are usually acquired through college courses, online tutorials, and certifications.   

Practice Caution When Listing References 


It’s common to want to list the person with the highest title at the top of your reference list on your resume. Listing such an individual is ideal if they are well known and respected in their field. However, you’ll want to ensure that the person will speak highly of you when asked. 


Always talk to anyone you plan on listing on your resume to discover how they feel about you so you know if you should list them or not. 


Take the Time to Edit Your Resume


You’ll want to edit your resume for spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Also, ask two or three people to look over your resume to ensure that it looks complete and you haven’t missed any vital information. Pick co-workers, friends, or family who are not afraid to criticize your work, so you receive an honest review. 

LinkedIn Resume Profile for a Healthcare Worker


LinkedIn lets you connect with thousands of possible employers. You can effortlessly leverage your social network also to reach possible employers directly. To effectively utilize LinkedIn when seeking a position, you’ll want to optimize your profile with keywords, highlight your strengths, and showcase your abilities. 

Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile


Your LinkedIn profile is more than just a social media introduction. It is your online resume that you’ll use to make professional connections and attract recruiters and employers. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, recruiters are using LinkedIn more than ever to find healthcare talent. 


Here are a few ways to optimize your LinkedIn profile and make it stand out from the rest. 

  • Always include a headshot photo that is clear and crisp. You want to provide a good impression with the picture, so ensure you look professional and wear business attire. 
  • Complete your profile by filling out all sections and listing your skills (list all 50 skills). If you are seeking a particular position in a field, then add it to your summary. 
  • Customize your URL, so it’s short and easy to remember. You’ll also want to change your settings, so your profile is public. Maintaining a short URL makes it easier to put on resumes, emails, and business cards. 
  • Sprinkle keywords throughout your profile, so it appears on searches carried out by recruiters and employers. If you seek a very precise position, then make sure it is spelled out in your summary. 


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