Why Turn to LinkedIn Resume Writers for Executive Branding?

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When it comes to executive positions, competition is fierce. The difference between landing an interview and scoring the position might hinge on having a professional, killer resume that crosses all the necessary t’s and dots all the required i’s to grab the reviewer’s attention. Basically, you want to stand out from the crowd. Turning to talented LinkedIn resume writers for executive branding might be the crucial deciding factor between scoring the position or losing your opportunity to land the job you have always wanted. 

Landing a Senior Executive/C-suite Position 

If you want to launch an executive job search on the right foot, you need a stellar executive resume, and you need to hone your job search skills.  

Nowadays, you’ll find a lot of executive resume writing services online, which all make over-the-moon claims and declare themselves the ‘best.’ It’s hard to know who to use and who to avoid. What resume writing and career coaching advice should you follow to ensure your job search campaign is successful? You probably already know the importance of picking the best LinkedIn resume writers for executive branding.  However, in this article, we will look at crucial things that will make you stand out from other professionals who are also seeking executive positions. 

 LinkedIn Profile Importance

Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook the importance of your LinkedIn profile. For many, the website seems almost like a social media wannabe space, remarkably like Twitter or Facebook but more geared towards professionals. Without a doubt, LinkedIn has taken a turn towards duplicating the appearance of the social media giants, but its importance for talent acquisition cannot be overlooked. It is a place where hiring companies often start their searches. 

We have all been guilty of letting our LinkedIn profile lag when we didn’t need it. However, if you find yourself in job search mode, then it’s time to grab the reins and take control of your profile, so it shines when potential recruiters examine it. Remember, if your profile is not current, then your chances of being discovered drop significantly. You need to refresh and revamp your LinkedIn profile to stand out and grab attention. 

  • Update the resume, so it’s current.
  • Add at least ten to fifteen years of information showing how you have progressed to your current career level. 
  • Create an exciting summary of your career – a vital part often overlooked because you are too focused on listing your custom skills.  

Investing a little time and effort into your LinkedIn profile is all it takes to shine if you have decided to pursue a career change. 

The Importance of Executive Branding on Your LinkedIn Resume

Your job search has started, and you are looking forward to a career change. You want to climb the ladder and move on to bigger and better things. Scoring for an executive position is never easy. Nowadays, you should never overlook the importance of crucial executive branding.  

What is executive branding?

Executive branding is a way of marketing yourself using diverse techniques that showcase your professional strengths to gain the career opportunities you seek. It’s like building a reputation or a story about yourself. Businesses want to hire an executive with a reputation—someone who is a proven leader and who will positively impact their business. You have to ‘sell yourself using your resume and executive branding. 

Breaking Down the Components of a Successful Resume

Hiring a professional resume writing service is like retaining a writer to create your biography. A resume is your unique story and ideas. It is a compilation of who you are from a professional standpoint. A successful resume shows your achievements, but it’s also composed in a similar way to a good book – it has a beginning, a middle, and an end. The beginning is the rising action, the middle is the climax, and the conclusion is a pivotal occurrence in your professional life. Does it sound complicated?  Well, it is tricky, and that’s why you need a skilled team of resume writers to develop all components of your career journey. 

Your resume is your way to shine to companies that are hiring. It is your story that clearly shows why you are the best candidate for the position. It outlines your crucial character assets. You can briefly explain the various companies and departments you worked with and how your experience has grown over the years. The resume will depict your entire tenure and even give small mini-stories of your employment history. Think of it like a jigsaw puzzle. Each section builds to form the big picture of your career successes and what makes you stand apart from other candidates. You want the person reading it to see you as a leader and someone they want to meet with for an interview. 

Resumes that score executive and professional leadership positions are never laid out as bullets of your past employment history. Instead, they are a written drama that draws the reader in and shows who, what, where, when, why, and how. The words must influence the reader and show why you are the right candidate to join their executive team. Let them know how you can bring profitability, hard/soft skills, and more to their company. 

 List Classes and Training on Your Resume

 Don’t stop at job experience when creating your resume. Instead, showcase any classes or training you have participated in to expand your professional development – especially leadership-oriented ones. Boards and employers like to see executives who are willing to grow and learn. They want to know you are open to change and have enough innovation to carry the company into the future. Any new executive must demonstrate that they have impressive knowledge acquisition and a cutting-edge understanding of the position’s challenges. They must know that you are willing to help the organization evolve and spring ahead of the competition. 

Resumes are tricky, and successful resume branding takes skill. At the McGehrin Group, our team of professional writers knows what it takes to draft your stand-out high-impact resume so you can score the executive/c-suite position. Contact us today to learn more.